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Gain new freedom, joy and mastery over life with this amazing ZEN training



Unlocking the powerful secrets of ZEN – ONLY found here! Transform your LIFE!

Why do ZEN courses make ZEN so complicated??? ZEN is based on SIMPLICITY! You can finally learn ZEN in a simple, easy to understand format with no esoteric B.S or outrageous claims! This course will immediately make sense to you and will be easy to implement right away!

ZEN teachings can transform your life! ZEN can help you see the world and yourself in a brand new way!

What this course will do for YOU:

  • Discover the tools to transform virtually any area of your life
  • Gain an understanding of why you have so much pain in your life
  • Learn the ancient secrets known only to ZEN practitioners
  • Discover the secrets of reprogramming your mind for massive success!
  • Learn better ways to live and be in the world … That brings you joy and serenity
  • Improve mental concentration and boost healing
  • Develop untapped levels of mental strength
  • Gain peace and serenity in your life
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself & others
  • Learn how to break free from the life-traps that hold others back!
  • Gain freedom from old misconceptions and old pain.

And much more…

Until you understand ZEN… You really don’t understand life and the world around you. Gain new freedom, joy and mastery over life … with this amazing ZEN training!


“Prof. Paul” – serial entrepreneur and psychology expert. Ceo at advanced ideas, inc, award-winning university professor, therapist, corporate trainer, professional speaker, internet marketing expert and business consultant. I have 4 advanced degrees, extensive experience in the fields of business & psychology … And a wealth of information to share!

Our goal is to TRANSFORM your life! Gain an unfair advantage in life by learning from the BEST! Advanced ideas, inc. Is a top online education company dedicated to bringing you the best cutting-edge tools from an award-winning educator, businessman and celebrity Prof. Paul J. Cline.

Our goal is to make YOU massively successful. If you want the BEST tools, strategies and techniques in the areas of psychology & business … you are in the right place.

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19 Lessons

Full Lifetime Access

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